The Versailles Orangerie is a festive place known for its floral scents, a mix of zesty and fresh notes. 

Draped in white and orange our latest cuvée reveals the freshness of the Timut pepper and the delicacy of the Orange Blossom and the Elderflower.

Our delicate Pinot & Chardonnay blends mature in the cellars and our home made liqueurs, using traditional extraction methods on flowers and spices, are then injected into the aging bottles. 

This third creation by La Maison des Vins Haute Couture is an Ode to the White Flowers and their local inspiration

An Ode to the White Flowers

A traditional method, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape varieties, and liquor artisanally created like a perfume: macerating, distilling or infusing flowers and spices. An exquisite for a unique, special sensory experience.

Following in the footsteps of the first blenders, the ‘12 special wine merchants following the court’ (the French court’s historic official suppliers), our philosophy is to seek out the most delicate pairings for a demanding clientele.

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